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This project was developed from the ground up. reached 800,000 pageviews/month and lead me to collaborate with important brands such as Bandai Namco and Gameforge.

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    I’m feel really attached to It was my first proper project online. At the time, it was about becoming a designer or finding a job but just finding a way to connect with people that shared my same passion for gaming. Overall, Guideconsole managed to surprise me: it reached 800,000 pageviews per month and gave me the opportunity to work with important brands for the first time – I got the change to work with Bandai Namco and Gameforge.

    A project built from the ground-up

    Guideconsole homepage

    Guideconsole started just for fun, with zero budget. That’s why I was involved at every stage of the project: webdesign, content curation, marketing, strategy and contents for social media. It even lead me to become a Youtube creator.

    Content curation and accessibility: put the user first and center

    Guideconsole ipad screen

    One of the main focus of the project was SEO and Content curation. At the time, most guides and tutorials about gaming and console were not available in italian of were really complex to follow and completely understand. Guideconsole set up to change that with easy to follow tutorials, rich in details, full of images and video. The point of every post was to follow the user in every step, even specifying the simplest one like turning on the videogame console before inserting the disc.

    That’s how Guideconsole became the most accessible platform for tutorials in Italy. Posts were easier to read, to understand, to scan and follow. Colors, icons and visual clues were used in a hierarchical and clear way and ads were limited to a single spot on the page. It was something completely different from the competition which was full of ads trying to trick the user and super-technical posts.

    What I learned has brought so many changes to my life and kickstarted my interest in design, even though I didn’t have a precise idea of what it was back then. For the first time I really tried to care about the user, I asked some of them what was wrong about the status quo and tried to make some improvements.

    The project was actually closed some years after its launch. Even though it worked and was/still is an important part of my life as a designer, I felt the need to move on and focus on different projects. It was an incredible ride nonetheless.

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