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Acropoli: make a subscription feel special

Make a bundle meaningful and create an emotional connection with the user.

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Acropoli ProjectInVictus Magazine Cover

    Project InVictus was planning to release a dedicated subscription service with many features and experiences connected to it:

    • Monthly exclusive livestreams and events
    • Monthly online magazine
    • Various bonuses for subscribed users

    The project wasn’t only about designing the core user experience but also about finding a way to present this high-tier subscription in an interesting and special way by making the user feel emotionally connected to the product.

    Acropoli Project InVictus Magazine

    The problem: a huge bundle

    The main issue was about the risk of showing a product just as the sum of its parts and not as a whole. Acropoli could have been perceived as a bundle full of things that couldn’t stand on their own. To avoid this risk, we choose to this this bundle a name and present it as a standalone emotion-based product: Acropoli.

    The Acropoli Manifesto

    “Acropoli” is the Italian way of referring to the greek term “ακρόπολη” (akrópoli), which was the name given to the higher part of the city (polis), usually inhabited or frequented by the sages of the Polis, and the army. However it combined the physical and religious aspect of polis by also being the core of the political and religious life, which was also connected physical activities, sports and rituals.

    To convey all of these fascinating features of such a place and to project them into the product, the user is not given a simple “subscribe” button but a full manifesto to sign. The manifesto explains what Project InVictus stands for: openness, opinions exchange and continuous improvement.

    English-adaptation of the manifesto

    The actual manifesto was designed for an Italian audience.

    Among the overall unclearness which fragments the workout community, it’s essential to find a new order, a trusted method, a shared and loved project.

    We define ourselves as the modern hoplites.

    InVictus hoplites don’t fight to impose their ideas. We don’t want to find ignorance in the other.

    We aim at a science-based knowledge, with clear basis.

    We aim at the pure exchange of ideas and information.

    We don’t fight to impose a new truth.

    We fight to share researches with a clear meaning.

    We fight to train our knowledge.

    The Acropoli Manifesto

    Acropoli Magazine

    Acropoli Project Invictus

    The design of the digital magazine focused on community and unity among the members of a new group eager to learn everyday.

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